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Welcome to the portal of Brandonsoft Solutions. Our main goal is to provide software solutions to you or your company. We strive to create high quality software that will last long and do its job, while at the same time leaving you with an overall good experience.



We know that trying to find the right company to create your software can be confusing, so we wanted to give you a basic outline of why you should choose us.


  • We keep in close contact with our customers, notifying you every time we make a change to your program, making sure that the program is just the way you want it.
  • We boast a low cost. Not only is our software of top notch quality, but we also keep our prices as affordable as possible!
  • Several Payment Options. Whether you want to pay us when your software is finished or monthly while your software is being created, we will always be able to make an easy payment plan that is fitted to your needs.
  • No Bots. Your information is handled by real people and emails will never be analyzed by a 'fake' person.
  • We offer solutions for businesses, and personal use. This allows us to create the perfect application for you.
  • We have our own servers. If you do not have your own server to store information that your application may need, Brandonsoft offers the ability to rent server space for a low cost, allowing your application to run properly without the extra stress of managing a server.







What are we capable of?


We are capable of creating any type of software, as long as it meets your needs. Here are only a few examples of what we can do.


  • Database Software - To keep track of all sorts of information, and to be able to retrieve this information from anywhere.
  • Information Software - To keep track of employee attendance, inventory, stock of your company, or even how many times you drink coffee in a day.
  • Scheduling Software - Keep track of your daily tasks by scheduling them. Never miss appointments or important dates.
  • Integrated Suites - Does your business need modern technology to be implemented into its daily routine? We can create a website, logo, and a proprietary application for your company and its endeavours.



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