Brandonsoft's Current Projects


Brandons Timer 10 : Time yourself in all your daily tasks and set times for an alarm to go off. Never miss an event or forget how long you have been doing something!


TwitControl : Control certain aspects of your computer with Twitter! This program combines the powerful Twitter API with Brandonsoft engineers to produce a streamlined way to get information about your pc, or shut down your pc, all via Twitter.


Trinity WebBrowser : Brandonsoft's first colaboratory project which creates a fast and simple browsing experience, while at the same time providing the functionality needed by everyday users.


HTML-IDEx : Brandonsoft's first open source software that allows people to code HTML and see what it does, in realtime. It's built in Internet Explorer engine provides utmost flexibility in reading HTML code. This project is listed on an external site.


Income Tracker : Manage your income, and see how much of an effect tax will have on your total profit. All information is recorded in an online database, so you can access your information from any location!


LifeSoft : Built for LifeSpan Resources of Texas, LifeSoft relays information about staff and customers with an online database, allowing users to edit information, and make it available worldwide.


Lockhart's Instructor Guide: Built for a barber school, "LIG" keeps track of student records and allows administrators to view and edit everything related to the school and its daily operations.


Brandonsoft's Project Archive


Brandon's HTML-IDE : Similar to HTML-IDEx, the goal of this program was to provide an easy way to see what HTML coding does in realtime. Unfortunately, the program had suffered many errors and went down from there. It was then revived as HTML-IDEx


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