Trinity WebBrowser


Trinity is Brandonsoft's first collaborative project, which the members of BP Forums have developed and worked on very diligently in order to produce a final product that is worth checking out.


This application's build process is hosted on another website, so not all information available is listed here. If you would like to inquire about bugs or glitches inside the program, or want to help with the construction, please refer here

Since this piece of software is built with the user in mind, it boasts a fast speed, and an extremely simple user-interface

Some of the key features of Trinity Webbrowser include :

  • A fast, reliable rendering engine that allows for a large amount of compatability with many web sites.
  • A sleek, clean design.
  • Two built in themes which each have their advantages
  • A built in bookmark and History manager in order to get to your favorite websites, fast.
  • A minimalist menu style that allows the user to browse while editing settings.


Download Mirrors


Brandonsoft Mirror

Please note, this application requires the .NET Framework 4.0


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