TwitControl Development Guide


TwitControl's Update 1.55 Adds a built in Plugin Manager, and plugin support. You can now create your own plugins. These plugins can do the following:

  • Add startup tasks to TwitControl.
  • Add custom commands to TwitControl.
  • Add about pages for your plugin, so users can support your developments.

All TwitControl Plugins must be written in the vb.NET 4.0 Language. If you don't know how to code this language, then you may not be able to create a plugin for TwitControl. To get started with creating plugins in TwitControl: See the videos below!










If you would like to edit one of TwitControl's main controls, here is an image giving the name and types of all editable controls in TwitControl:

Click the image for a bigger view:



The Following Libraries are included in the BrandonSoft Plugin Module, and may be used without implementation:







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