TwitControl Is a specially designed application that allows you to use a Twitter account to control certain aspects of your computer. Simply sync your existing Twitter account, and begin sending commands to your computer via Twitter! On top of all this, the new version, Twit Control 1.5, allows you to use your facebook account to transmit commands as well. Simply login to facebook, and update your status with one of TwitControl's many commands, and you're all set!

This application boasts Brandonsoft's unique update engine to make sure that you always have the latest updates, and the most stable versions.

Since this piece of software is built with the user in mind, it boasts a fast speed, and an extremely simple user-interface

Some of this program's key features include :

  • The ability to start the application with Windows, so you can start detecting commands as soon as the computer is powered on.
  • The ability to state when you want the application to scan for new Tweets, so the program can take up as minimal resources as you want.
  • Several built in commands allow you to get reports of your computer's status, and send them to your phone.
  • The 'Screen' command takes a screenshot of your PC and sends it to your mobile device
  • TwitControl uses oAuth technology to transmit usernames and passwords, which allows the utmost security in the transmission of personal data.
  • TwitControl 1.5 adds the feature to track Facebook status updates, for ultimate command tracking.
  • TwitControl supports plugins, so developers can create their own intuitive commands, and make them available for download.



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Please note, this application requires the .NET Framework 4.0

If you would like to develop plugins for this application, please refer here for development details.


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